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Guitar Center plays new digital tune


Guitar Center is preparing to unveil a new Serato-branded digital music area in its Brooklyn store location at an all-day red carpet event open to the public on Oct. 24. The new Serato-branded digital music area will offer DJs and aspiring music producers a place to try out the latest products.

The launch coincides with the expansion of Guitar Center's Music Mentor program, which offers customers free lessons and instruction for top DJ and digital music products, as well as the completion of an extensive renovation to the Brooklyn, N.Y., store on Flatbush Avenue.

Hosting the launch of the 2,500-sq.ft. Serato-branded area will be hip-hop artist Biz Markie. The event will also feature live in-store appearances by a list of hip-hop and rap DJs to be announced on Guitar Center's Facebook page early this week.

"Serato has been a pioneer brand in the digital music and production industry for more than 15 years and our Brooklyn store location is the perfect home to show customers from all over what making music is all about. We're thrilled to be partnering with them on this world-class project," said Guitar Center CEO Mike Pratt. "Our shared message to DJs and aspiring producers is clear: the boundaries of digital music creation are defined only by our customers' creativity, style and passion. I encourage the public to come in this week and see it for themselves; the sounds we're helping people create with Serato are absolutely incredible. There won't be a person in the Tri-State area who doesn't love the sound coming out of our Brooklyn store this Thursday."

"As digital music creation continues to explode all over the world, there's no better partner for us right here in the U.S. than Guitar Center to offer DJs and aspiring digital music producers everywhere the chance to experience what Serato technology is all about," said Serato CEO Sam Gribben. "Brooklyn's iconic hip-hop, rap and digital music history makes this new in-store experience truly world-class."

Guitar Center operates more than 250 stores across the United States.

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