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Guess who topped the Fortune 500, again


No great surprise that Walmart sits atop the Fortune 500 list of the world’s largest companies with its annual revenues of $485.6 billion.

Naturally, that raises familiar questions about future growth which were addressed by president and CEO Doug McMillon.

According to Fortune, Walmart is a crossroads as it transitions from the big-box era that propelled it to the world's largest company, to one in which customers are fussier about what they eat and can easily comparison shop thanks to the internet.

The publication contends, as have others, that Walmart is still struggling to get people into its stores and is suffering from in-stock issues and customer service deficiencies.

“Wal-Mart is grappling with ever more aggressive rivals like Target and Amazon, the proliferation of dollar stores and a desire for healthier grocery offerings, meaning 2015 is a key year for McMillon to prove he can modernize Wal-Mart,” according to Fortune.

To see what McMillon had to say on the topic, click here.

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