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Groupon upgrades Breadcrumb POS app

CHICAGO — Just two months after Groupon launched its free Breadcrumb iPad point-of-sale app, the company has announced major additions aimed to provide local businesses with a pre-built, customizable experience adapted to their specific industry.

Breadcrumb POS how offers features for a broad range of merchants, including the ability to use pre-loaded menus and inventory lists, process offline transactions, scan and redeem Groupon vouchers, track deal performance and add custom item modifiers.

As a result of the 1.2 updates, Groupon now has a point-of-sale solution for every type of local business. Retailers, for example, would go here to see specific offerings.

“Groupon has worked with several hundred thousand local businesses around the world and through these relationships they’ve told us they want a point-of-sale that is specific to their type of business,” said Mihir Shah, VP, merchant OS. “Breadcrumb POS is free, easy to use, designed for seven of the most popular types of local businesses and comes with one of the most competitive payment processing plans in the United States.”

Breadcrumb POS comes with seven preloaded menus and inventory lists for the most popular types of local businesses, enabling merchants to start running their systems within minutes; merchants can also now add, scroll and search thousands of menu items. It also keeps checkout lines moving in the event the Internet connection is disrupted, storing transactions for up to one hour and processing offline transactions once WiFi resumes. Built-in Groupon redemption enables merchants to exclude products and services not eligible for the discount and tracks overall deal performance.

Breadcrumb by Groupon is a suite of cloud-based iPad and smartphone tools that help businesses operate faster, know their customers better and maximize revenue. Breadcrumb products include flexible, affordable iPad point-of-sale products and payments solutions for all businesses, which include a low-price guarantee on credit card transaction fees, free installation assistance and 24/7 phone technical support.

Groupon provides merchants with a suite of products and services, including customizable deals, payments processing capabilities and point-of-sale solutions to help them attract more customers.
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