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Groupe Yellow deploys Epicor Retail SaaS solution


Montreal -- Canadian footwear retailer Groupe Yellow has selected the Epicor Retail Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to support the organization’s retail operations. Yellow has also signed on as the first SaaS customer to deploy Epicor Retail Sourcing and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) as a hosted solution.

To support its operations, Yellow sought an SaaS offering that would enable swift implementation and plug-and-play functionality. The company selected the Epicor Retail SaaS solution, based on the company’s suite of specialty retail solutions, to leverage the Epicor store, CRM, merchandising, warehouse management, audit & operations management, and business intelligence functionality on demand.

In addition, the company will deploy Epicor Retail Sourcing and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) as a hosted solution. Sourcing and PLM streamlines sourcing processes, providing tools for increased visibility and productivity, and more efficient supply chain management.

The Epicor Retail Store solution will support more streamlined POS transactions for an improved customer checkout experience, while the Epicor Retail CRM will allow the organization to collect and track customer data to better understand patrons’ buying habits. Epicor Retail Merchandising will give Yellow advanced tools to analyze ordering, pricing, distribution, and the overall management of merchandise; and synchronize and integrate purchasing, pricing, receiving, allocation, replenishment, and inventory management.

Epicor Retail Warehouse Management will enable Yellow to achieve seamless communication with stores on the flow of merchandise from receiving through distribution to store shelves. Epicor Retail Audit and Operations Management will allow Yellow to consolidate, validate and secure data from all sales channels into one location and one standard format. Epicor Retail Business Intelligence will assist Yellow in the aggregation and analysis of a wide variety of data from sales audit, merchandising, and CRM solutions, to reveal key insights and emerging trends for more rapid and accurate decision making.

“The Epicor Retail SaaS solution offers significant benefits as it removes the need for costly integration among modules, which is time and cost prohibitive,” said Leo Rabinovitch, CIO for Yellow. “With Epicor Retail, Yellow will have a solid foundation for a seamless flow of information between all aspects of the business. We will be able to make decisions and execute more quickly, buy and distribute more effectively, provide first-class customer service, and build a sustainable competitive advantage against our competition. If we can drive increased conversion of 1 to 2%, this would equate to a tremendous payback.”

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