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Grocery retailer revamps digital platform


Regional grocer Raley’s Supermarkets is upgrading its omnichannel customer experience with an eye toward mobile convenience and personalized service.

West Sacramento, California-based Raley’s, which operates 122 stores under four banners in California and Nevada, is launching a new e-commerce platform called E-Cart. Based on technology from Unata, E-Cart includes features that aid the web, mobile and in-store shopping experience.

In select locations, E-Cart allows shoppers to order groceries online and pick them up at a local store. The platform also includes an enhanced user interface that allows customers to move seamlessly between a mobile device and a desktop computer.

“The way Raley’s delivers groceries is evolving,” said Kevin Curry, senior VP, sales and merchandising at Raley's. “Our new revamp of E-Cart will better serve our customers by providing a personalized online shopping experience. Unata has been invaluable in helping Raley’s build this brand new online experience that will elevate our customer service.”

For a smaller operator like Raley’s to survive in the fiercely competitive grocery arena, which includes discount giants like Target as well as large conglomerates and even inroads from non-traditional competitors like Ace Hardware, a top-notch customer experience is a must.

That means a strong mobile interface, in-store pickup of online orders, and personalized service, E-Cart is a clear signal that Raley’s knows the ingredients it needs to satisfy customers who have a lot of options.

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