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Grocery giant improves supply chain planning among perishables


Delhaize America is always striving to reduce inventory levels, yet still maintain fresh perishables as they move between its distribution centers and stores.

Besides being a challenge, managing fresh and short-shelf-life products is called one of the toughest tasks related to retail planning. Delhaize hopes to ease this struggle with a new supply chain solution from Relex that will forecast and replenish perishable categories within its distribution centers.

Specifically, the solution will manage fresh categories within the company’s facilities that fulfill more than 1,000 Food Lion stores in the Southeastern United States, and Hannaford stores 181 across New England and New York.

“As an organization, we are continuously looking for ways to continue to innovate, enhance and optimize the way we procure and forecast product to our retail locations, ensuring our customers have the freshest merchandise available,” says Chris Lewis, senior VP, supply chain, Delhaize America. “We expect Relex’s forecasting and replenishment solution will drive product improvements at retail, enhance our customers’ shopping experience and reduce inventory levels at our distribution centers to further enhance product freshness at our stores.”

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