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The Great Save part II


Target’s efforts to apply aspects of the warehouse club experience to its merchandise strategy are probably most effective online where the company can infuse its product assortment with brand names that offer a treasure hunt appeal. The Great Save merchandising initiative that hit stores this week is also being promoted online, but the big difference is the products featured online are from brand names that aren’t available in stores, while the in-store assortment consists of items that due to their bulk and relatively low prices points are not suitable for online sale.

For example, as of Monday, Target offered 49 items under a treasure hunt banner that visitors to its site arrived at after clicking on a “Great Save” banner on the home page. There was a Polo Ralph Lauren duffel bag for $69.42, a Via Spiga Aria studded leather bag for $119.99 or a 1.7 ounce Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani Eau de Toilettte for $20.80. The online treasure hunt product mix is dominated by handbags (14 styles offered) and sunglasses (15 styles offered). A few oddball products, which stretch the definition of treasure hunt, also made the cut, including a $19.99 Swiss Army Knife and a $16 twin/full size Spider Man quilt for $16.

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