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GPShopper launches Consule 3.0


NEW YORK —GPShopper, a mobile solutions company focusing on applications and websites for retail brands, announced today the launch of Console 3.0. The console, which includes a content management system (CMS) and a reporting dashboard, offers cross-channel marketers the first comprehensive toolset in mobile, rivaling the full functionality of a large-scale digital or e-commerce platform.

Console 3.0, which provides retail clients with full control of their mobile applications and websites in real-time, allows clients to retain brand consistency across all channels while simultaneously facilitating the distribution of mobile-exclusive content. A total of 12 features can be managed, including marketing banners, product information and location-based offers and coupons. The reporting dashboard brings to market new mobile-centric, cross-channel metrics, such as location and in-store analytics. Complete analytics include both traditional e-commerce metrics applied to mobile as well as rich engagement data.

"GPShopper continues to be an innovative presence in the mobile space," Dan O'Rourke, marketing manager of Lunds and Byerly’s, a Minnesota family-owned grocer. "The new console is an excellent tool that allows existing employee resources to manage and configure most of our applications' features. This has been tremendously helpful in operationalizing our mobile initiatives without the need to develop significantly new skillsets for our team."

“Now that mobile sites and applications are a vital part of a retail marketer’s toolset, the ability to fully control mobile content and performance has become imperative,” Alex Muller, CEO, GPShopper. “We’re delighted by our clients’ reception to Console 3.0. It has truly established a new standard for managing mobile.”

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