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Gottschalks to Deliver Segmented Promos


When Gottschalks Inc., decided to drive more customer loyalty through targeted marketing programs, the company knew that the only way to execute and measure its efforts was to become more knowledgeable about its customers’ actions and expectations. By partnering with Harte-Hanks, the department store retailer is implementing a database marketing solution that will support this marketing strategy across its multichannel enterprise.

According to the agreement, the chain will implement Harte-Hanks’ Allink database marketing solution and Postfuture e-mail marketing platform. Besides managing the solution, Harte-Hanks will also provide a range of integrated services, including strategic planning, data consolidation, loyalty and retention program development, and behavioral analytics.

All Gottschalks’ customer data will be consolidated within the Allink database. By centralizing this data, Gottshchalks will be able to execute and measure marketing activities and gain clearer visibility into customer trends and segments.

Harte-Hanks will also provide a suite of standard reports supported by ad hoc analysis tools. Enterprisewide dashboards will keep C-level executives and managers in tune to key business drivers.

“This marketing initiative is a key element of our recently announced Value Improvement Program and our efforts to drive increased top line performance,” said Tricia Bowlby, VP of marketing, Gottschalks, Fresno, Calif.

“We expect our new marketing initiatives to help grow, support and improve our reporting process, maximize our communication-channel efficiencies, increase our campaign velocity and hone our campaign measurement,” she said. “In addition, we will further leverage the solutions’ capabilities to drive multichannel retention and cross-sell and up-sell efforts.”

The retailer will launch the solution by the end of the first quarter, according to Harte-Hanks.

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