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A good retail employee is hard to find


CHICAGO According to the 2007 Midyear Employment Forecast, heading into the second half of the year, 46% of retail employers currently have open positions for which they cannot find qualified candidates, an increase from 19% heading into the first half.

To remain competitive in the search for these candidates, 44% of retail employers say they are more willing to increase salaries for new employees compared to last year. In terms of retention, while 75% of retail employers say they're equally as likely to give workers a raise in 2007 compared to 2006, more than one-in-ten say they are more likely to give workers a raise this year compared to last year.

Salary increases may not be enough to attract the best candidates, according to Wendy Unsworth, retail marketing manager for

"While only 15% of retail workers say they are actively looking for a job, 54% consider themselves to be passive job seekers, which means that they are not actively seeking another position, but they would be open to a new job if they came across one. Therefore, retail employers need to make sure they are clearly communicating all of the benefits they offer and the kind of culture they cultivate so they are attracting not only the most qualified candidates, but the best match for their company as well."

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