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GoDaddy launches online store


GoDaddy, a leading technology provider dedicated to small businesses, is ready to roll out its first online store to the public, after successful beta testing.

The company enlisted Spree Commerce, an open source e-commerce platform, in February to launch the online store in beta. More than 5,000 merchants have opened stores and sold millions of dollars of products and services, all over the world, according to the company.

The GoDaddy Online Store serves small businesses without the technical resources necessary to deploy an e-commerce storefront.

“We have huge ambition to serve all the underserved e-commerce merchants globally. That means we need a technology platform that can scale to hundreds of thousands of customers, is flexible in meeting global demands, and is always up and running. This is an unbelievably difficult engineering challenge,” said GoDaddy head of engineering, Antonio Silveira. “The Spree platform has the underlying capabilities to serve businesses of all complexity, from small merchants to larger businesses. We have used the platform’s flexibility to build a product that is tailored to the small merchants, making it possible for anyone with a great idea to sell online. We are also committed to open source, consistently contributing code back to the Spree community.”

“With our open-source solution as the foundation of the GoDaddy Online Store offering, small and mid-sized businesses will be empowered to reach their customers in new and exciting ways,” said Spree Commerce CEO Sean Schofield. “GoDaddy has the experience and ability to provide these retailers with an easy-to-use solution that enables them to grow. With capabilities from themes to uploading information about products and images, these customers will be able to quickly manage their online presence, leaving them with more time to focus on building their businesses.”

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