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Gift cards not boring at Applebee’s


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Starting this month, social media users and others can send each other beers, cocktails and food items as gifts via a growing number of gift card options and features from Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar. The chain has re-designed its gift card experience for both senders and receivers of gift cards that are redeemable at nearly 2,000 Applebee’s locations across the country.

The new features enable those sending cards to custom-design their cards by occasion, send a delivery animation that electronically “unwraps” the card to reveal the amount, or add a personal photo, video or audio message and schedule its delivery.

“Gift cards don’t have to be boring,” said Applebee’s senior VP of culinary and marketing Darin Dugan. “In addition to delicious food and drinks, these new features will surprise and delight recipients while bringing friends together for a few laughs.”

Also new is a group gifting option supplied by Applebee’s partner eGifter. This feature enables a group of friends to add dollars to a collective card, or to contribute by adding menu items like a beverage, a desert or an entrée. A new “photo book” option enables senders to assemble animated “pages” with multiple photos.

In addition to the new gifting features the site supports corporate gift giving, and other features like checking a balance on a card.

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