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Getting to know Greg Foran


The retail industry and many of those who work at Walmart are going to get a double shot of Greg Foran next week. The former international executive assumes his new role as CEO of the Walmart U.S. division as the retailer prepares to release second quarter results and host a major U.S. manufacturing summit.

Both events occur on Thursday, August 14 and Foran is expected to play a key role. In conjunction with the release of its results on August 14, Walmart makes available a pre-recorded message in which top executives and division chiefs share their thoughts on the company’s performance. While some analysts and investors may know Foran from the less than three years he spent with Walmart in Asia, for many it will be a first opportunity to hear him comment.

What he has to say regarding the U.S. division’s performance could be noteworthy, but also potentially uneventful. Foran has no prior experience with Walmart’s U.S. operations and very limited exposure to the business to form an opinion on measures to restore sales growth. Walmart’s second quarter ended June 30 and Foran’s first day as U.S. CEO is August 9, six days before the company releases financial results on August 14.

A few hours after those results are released, Foran and his predecessor Bill Simon and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., president and CEO Doug McMillon are scheduled to participate in the company’s second annual U.S. Manufacturer Summit. The event is being held in Denver and Walmart plans a two hour Webcast, affording an opportunity to both hear and see a top Walmart executive making his American debut.

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