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Gerrity’s customers move past lines


Mobile technology is helping shoppers at Scranton, Pennsylvania-based Gerrity’s Super Market Inc. check out much more conveniently.

Gerrity’s is beta testing a checkout app from mobile grocery solution provider Skip. The app, which Gerrity’s is the first retailer to test, lets customers scan items with their phone and place it in their cart or basket. For produce or other items that need to be weighed, shoppers place the goods on Skip scales that weight them and present a barcode for the price.

When finished, the shopper checks out on the app and heads to the Skip Checkout express lane. A cashier views the shopper’s profile, performs a security check, and the customer can leave with their purchase. App users create a profile that includes debit/credit card or bank account information for automatic payment processing.

The more the customer shops and uses the app, the higher their “reputation score.” According to Gerrity’s, the average normal checkout takes 3.5 to four minutes from the time the cashier starts scanning items to the time the shopper walks away. The Skip app cuts this time to 30-45 seconds if customers bag as they shop.

Skip will be officially launched in Gerrity’s in early 2016 and in all nine Gerrity’s stores by the end of the year.

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