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Germ Fighting


Getting a home spotless isn’t enough anymore. For many consumers, homes have to be microscopically clean. Yet, such cleanliness has typically come at a price, and that price has been chemical disinfectants. Those are fine with some consumers, but to others, chemicals are as bad or worse than germs.

Some companies have seen the light, and that light is ultraviolet. Zadro is coming out with a line of ultraviolet devices designed so that consumers can go over a space and blast bacteria. It even comes in a portable model that can disinfect hotel phones and gym lockers. Others are building ultraviolet technology into their products. Halo Technologies has introduced the Halo UVX Ultraviolet Vacuum (pictured), the only vacuum on the market that uses ultraviolet light to safely and instantly kill dust mites, molds, bacteria, viruses, lice, fleas and other germs lurking in a home’s carpets. And, it does all of this without using chemicals that can harm children and pets. The retail price is $399.

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