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GBy Guess Makes Dramatic Debut


G by Guess, the newest format in the expanding portfolio of Guess? Inc., took top honors in

G by Guess is stylish and sexy, with an upbeat, California vibe and a cool, casual atmosphere. The design is right in sync with the target audience: fashion-forward, trendsavvy men and women between 17 and 26.

On the exterior, a chic, solid-black oversized door evokes the feel of a nightclub, adding drama and mystique to the interior. It works to entice a young audience well-known for its love of exclusivity.

Inside the store, ornamental metal accents, tone-on-tone meshing, shiny finishes and twinkling pin-light fixtures dramatize a dark color palette and continue the element of mystery. Fixtures and furnishings with rounded edges enhance the lounge-like atmosphere, but with a softness that invites guests to linger.

The familiar black-and-white colorscape of the Guess brand and its Southern California backdrop is portrayed in the form of an oversized floor-to-ceiling wall graphic. It creates a seamless brand wrapper around the store.

The fashion quotient—of the design, the merchandise and the brand itself—is high. Planked wood is used to create a center-store runway that is mirrored on the ceiling, putting the customers center stage and leading them into the store.

The runway element speaks directly to the target demographic’s need and desire to feel special. It converges at the back wall, where changing images are projected behind the wood-wrapped cashwrap.

From start to finish, G by Guess projects a strong image, with every detail on target. Punctuating its signature style with new, unexpected accents, it extends one of the nation’s most popular apparel brands to a new audience.

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