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GameStop to stream video game content to mobile devices


New York -- GameStop announced that it will be an early adopter of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, becoming one of the first retailers to use Azure to stream video game and promotional content direct to customer and store associate mobile devices.

As a result, customers will be able to view on their smartphones and Windows tablets content (e.g. trailers, promotional materials, etc.) from GameStop’s catalog of video games, providing a digitally immersive shopping experience within the physical store. GameStop’s store associates will be able to access individual information for those customers who have opted in, empowering the associate to provide a personalized shopping experience based on the customer’s unique shopping history.

Other GameStop uses of the cloud platform within its stores include streaming video game trailers to a 4K ultra HD TV, and offering an in-store mobile shopping cart that can be used by the customer to facilitate a faster checkout.

“Microsoft has always been a fantastic and innovative company for GameStop to collaborate with, both in the technology space as well as with their video game consoles and titles,” said Jeff Donaldson, senior VP of GameStop Technology Institute. “We are continuing to work closely with them to discover and aggressively elevate ways to enhance the retail experience for our customers today and in the future.”

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