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GameStop enlists AT&T to help drive positive customer in-store experience


GameStop’s business unit, the GameStop Technology Institute (GTI), has partnered with AT&T to develop technical capabilities that enable customers to interact seamlessly via their electronic devices with digital product promotional materials located on store shelves and within identified product communication zones.

GTI is working to provide the company with the ultra-high bandwidth capabilities and network infrastructure required to support the delivery of rich video game content directly to GameStop customers inside their stores by leveraging AT&T Network Services, such as AT&T Business Fiber.

The initial focus will be on 36 GTI test store locations in Austin, and College Station, Texas. Once implemented, customers will be able to experience how GameStop is utilizing technology to drive one-on-one customer engagement through the delivery of relevant gaming content to their smart devices.

“GTI’s mission is to deliver advanced retail experiences to meet customers’ needs on their terms both in our physical and online stores,” said Jeff Donaldson, SVP of the GameStop Technology Institute. “To do this, we require network capabilities that are as innovative as the technological applications we are implementing in our stores. AT&T’s leadership in this area will help address our demanding IT infrastructure needs as we continue to expand technology capabilities within our stores.”

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