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GameStop enhances in-store customer experience with strategic partnerships


GameStopTechnology Institute (GTI), the specialty retailer’s business unit, has entered into strategic partnerships with Shelfbucks, BestFit Mobile and Dynamic Signal to further extend its focus on driving technological innovation and change within its store environments.

GTI was launched by GameStop to pursue an open innovation strategy whereby the company partners with leading organizations and institutions to explore and build best-in-class research and development capabilities.

GameStop’s partnership with Shelfbucks’ iBeacon Platform and BestFit Mobile’s ProxDK solution will enable the specialty retailer to deploy these new communication capabilities in its bricks-and-mortar stores. GameStop shoppers will be able to hold up their smartphones up to beacons installed on store shelving to instantly receive real-time, customized offers via the retailer's app.

As a result, customers will be able to receive digital content that is specifically tailored to their areas of interest when they shop at a physical GameStop store.

Under the terms of the agreement with GTI, the Shelfbucks iBeacon Platform will provide the configuration, deployment and ongoing operation/support for the in-store beacons, as well as the platform to integrate with GameStop’s promotions.

BestFit’s Mobile ProxDK solution will facilitate seamless consumer engagement based on a user’s proximity to beacons. Moving forward the collaboration between the three technology providers will also serve as a basis for future retail innovations related to enhancing customer experiences in physical stores, the company confirmed.

“Digitization of the physical retail space has always been a top priority of GTI as we look to further GameStop’s evolution as a technology provider,” said Charlie Larkin, senior director, technology innovation at GameStop. “Through our partnership with Shelfbucks and our initial deployment of their iBeacon Platform, there are numerous ways to leverage the emerging technology to deliver a next-generation shopping experience.”

Beginning this September, GTI will formally deploy the iBeacon Platform in approximately 36 locations in its Austin and College Station, Texas, test markets. Following the initial test period, GameStop will assess the customer adoption and business value of the promotional capabilities with the potential for the possibility of an additional roll-out in another 60 stores by the end of the year.

Since the first GameStop opened 20 years ago, store employees have always played a critical role as “informal ambassadors” for the retailer’s brand. In response to the evolving retail landscape, however, GTI is partnering with Dynamic Signal to deploy a cloud-based solution that is “designed to amplify the voice of employees online while taking into account the unique nature of content management at GameStop.”

In other words, GameStop will be able to leverage Dynamic Signal’s VoiceStream technology to team up with interested employees and drive awareness, reach and engagement. The VoiceStream platform helps to identify, recruit and engage “advocates” and provides them with the tools required to share GameStop-approved content via Web and mobile devices.

“The development and deployment of traffic driving technology is a critical component of GTI’s focus on innovation and interaction at the store level,” said Jeff Donaldson, SVP of GameStop Technology Institute. “Recognizing that the interaction between our employees and the customers in the local community is the most valuable type of relationship, we committed to working with Dynamic Solutions to put a technology platform in place that amplifies those conversations beyond the brick and mortar location to create lasting value for all parties involved.”

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