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GameStop to authorize $500M in additional repurchase funds


GRAPEVINE, Texas GameStop announced that its board of directors has authorized $500 million in additional repurchase funds. $300 million of the additional funds will be used in the company’s share repurchase plan and $200 million will be used to retire the company’s senior notes. This program is incremental to the initial $300 million stock repurchase plan announced in January 2010 and completed in the company’s second fiscal quarter of 2010.

J. Paul Raines, CEO, stated, “We are pleased that the board authorized this additional buyback in 2010 as the next phase in our long-term plan to increase total shareholder return. We have confidence in the business to continue delivering consistent cash flow, which gives us the ability to invest in our core business, digital initiatives and enhance shareholder value.”

Under the program, GameStop may purchase debt or shares through open market purchases, debt calls or privately negotiated transactions in compliance with SEC regulations and other legal requirements. The timing and actual amount of debt or shares repurchased will depend on several factors including price, capital availability and other market conditions. This repurchase program does not have any specific limitations and may be suspended or terminated at any time.

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