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SEATTLE — is growing its presence in the highly competitive gaming market with the launch of Game Connect, a new service that enables customers to discover a new category of free-to-play and multiplayer online digital games and have virtual goods delivered directly to their game accounts.

Amazon's new service allows customers to link their game account to their Amazon account so any subscriptions and virtual goods purchased are sent directly into the game without copy and pasting a code.

“Customers can now discover a new category of free-to-play games and can experience the convenience of having virtual items purchased with their Amazon account delivered directly to their game accounts,” says Mike Frazzini, director Amazon Games. “Game Connect helps game developers reach more customers, move more quickly and grow their business by simplifying the purchase process for customers. This is an exciting next step for the Digital Games Store and we have even more to come.”

According to Amazon, several game developers are already excited about the program.

”We have been impressed by the ease of integrating Game Connect into our games,” said Simon Bradbury, designer and co-founder of Firefly Studios. “We believe this mass market platform will be perfect for the continuing growth of Stronghold Kingdoms and we expect to see a growth in our customer base all over the world.”

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