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Full steam ahead for Target’s 33 Canadian store openings in November


Target Canada is on schedule to open 33 additional Canadian store locations spanning across nine provinces, including its first stores in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

The retailer plans to open 31 stores Nov. 13, and the remaining two Nov. 22. Target will announce additional store openings beyond 2013 at a later date.

Most of the 33 locations will feature a licensed Starbucks, as well as an in-store pharmacy. As previously announced, the majority of stores in Quebec will offer Brunet pharmacies, which are scheduled to open starting in summer 2014.

"The final store openings for this year mark a major milestone in Target's history," said Tony Fisher, president, Target Canada. "The goal for our Canadian expansion was to open 124 stores across all ten provinces in 2013, and we are proud to say that with the help of more than 20,000 Canadian team members nationwide, we have accomplished this unprecedented undertaking."

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