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Fujitsu partners with OnCue for in-aisle kiosks


Sunnyvale, Calif. -- Fujitsu is partnering with OnCue Technologies, a developer of in-aisle point-of-information solutions, to resell OnCue Technologies' InfoCue and Expert OnCue mini-kiosk solutions to big-box, grocery, beverage and hardware retailers in the U.S. OnCue Technologies' cloud-based, customizable mini kiosks enable retailers to deliver expert advice and product information to customers in the aisle without requiring employee training.

The responsive touch-screen kiosks feature capabilities, including complete SKU data, audio and video multi-media responses to shopper requests, barcode scanning, and shopping list and coupon printing. The solutions empower consumers with immediate information needed to make a purchase decision.

OnCue solutions integrate seamlessly with the Fujitsu GlobalStore POS application, enabling access to real time price checking, local store management and POS terminal capabilities. The solutions are currently available to new and existing customers in the U.S.

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