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A front-page story


Target’s Great Save event got some great marketing support this week, as the merchandising initiative was featured on the front page of the retailer’s circular. Value sizes, club prices and no membership fees is the value proposition to the consumer. The Great Save was featured on the back page of last week’s circular.

The marketing support makes sense, but the featured products this week seemed less than compelling. For example, featured items included a 24-pack of Charmin for $17.99, a 35-pack of market pantry water for $3.59, a six pack of towels for $19.99, a 24-pack of Libbey-branded glasses for $15.99 and a Memorex DVD player for $25. The DVD player offered a bit of a treasure hunt aspect to it, but pricing on the other items doesn’t seem sharp enough to generate a trip to the local Target.

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