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Fresh & Easy introduces new exclusive California wines


EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market has announced the availability of 27 new exclusive California wines. The new wines, which the company said are sourced from some of the finest vineyards in California's premium wine growing regions, are broken into seven new lines and retail from $3.99 to $19.99.

"We set out to make premium wines at exceptional prices from several top-quality vineyards here in California," said Richard Wherry, Fresh & Easy's wine expert. "Each wine tells its own story, and we specially selected winemakers who share our passion for capturing all that we love about great California wines into every bottle we sell."

Fresh & Easy's new California wine lines include:

I Heart CA, a California-inspired line with bottles retailing for less than $4:

  • I Heart CA Pinot Grigio

  • I Heart CA Chardonnay

  • I Heart CA Cabernet Sauvignon

  • I Heart CA Merlot

Wink, a summer line retailing forless than $4:

  • Wink "Racy Rose" White Zinfandel

  • Wink "Moonstruck" Moscato

  • Wink "Wanton White" Cuvee

  • Wink "Risque Red" Sweet Red Cuvee

PCH, everyday wine line with bottles for less than $9:

  • Pacific Coast Highway Merlot

  • Pacific Coast Highway Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Pacific Coast Highway Chardonnay

  • Pacific Coast Highway Pinot Grigio

Cloud Valley, a line of fruit-forward wines retailing forless than $9:

  • Cloud Valley Chardonnay

  • Cloud Valley Pinot Noir

  • Cloud Valley Merlot

  • Cloud Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

WineWrights, a limited-edition line retailingfor less than $11:

  • WineWrights Merlot

  • WineWrights Cabernet Sauvignon

  • WineWrights Chardonnay

  • WineWrights Pinot Noir

Barrel Ranch, a line of wines crafted from higher-pedigree grapes retailing forless than $15:

  • Barrel Ranch Chardonnay

  • Barrel Ranch Pinot Noir

  • Barrel Ranch Merlot

  • Barrel Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon

Open Field, a signature line with a under $20 price point:

  • Open Field Chardonnay

  • Open Field Pinot Noir

  • Open Field Pinto Gris

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