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Former Unilever exec to head global supplier company


BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — Unger Global has appointed William D. Ecker as its new CEO.

Before joining Unger, Ecker was president and CEO of Hartz Mountain Corporation, the leading manufacturer and marketer of pet care products in the United States and Canada. Prior to joining Hartz Mountain, Ecker was chairman of Diam International, the largest designer and manufacturer of retail displays in the nation. A seasoned consumer-products executive, he held senior positions at General Foods, Unilever and Bristol-Myers Squibb where he was the president of Clairol's U.S. retail operations prior to joining Diam.

"Unger is a premier global supplier of high quality, innovative cleaning products, and I am very proud to join the company as it seeks to extend its reach into the growing market for innovative cleaning products," said Ecker. "I anticipate exciting and rewarding days ahead for our company."

Ecker, is a graduate of Penn State University, and received his MBA in marketing from Northwestern University. He and his family reside in Stamford, Conn.

Founded in 1964 in Germany by professional window cleaner Henry Unger, who started designing products for professional use. Unger has since expanded from the professional cleaning arena into the consumer market offering a product line for at-home cleaning. Consumers can find the Unger at-home cleaning products, including Unger Pro, Unger Carbon and neatHome across the US, Canada, Europe and online.

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