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Forestry campaign to take root at Ikea


Ikea is taking its multi-year partnership with American Forests to a whole new level with the introduction of an educational video for children.

The Swedish retailer and the forestry group have teamed up to produce a video to be shown in designated kids’ areas at Ikea stores. The video will explain how forests and trees benefit all life on the planet, including wildlife, and how trees help to slow or mediate climate change.

"We are dedicated to helping our children grow up in a planet that keeps them sustained and healthy. Working with American Forests, we are pleased to show this children's video in our Smaland play area so that at an early age kids can understand and engage in our deep commitment to climate change and our quality of life by keeping the environment clean and green. Each tree makes a difference and 2.4 million trees planted will help to reduce CO2 pollution, and help restore America's forests," said Lisa Davis, Ikea U.S. sustainability manager.

The seven-minute video, narrated by a 9-year-old girl, Bailey, takes children on a fun and educational journey showing how forests are both a great place to explore and are critical to keeping our planet healthy. Ikea and American Forests believe that reaching out to children at an early age and educating them on the importance of forests and trees will help to create a better future for us all.

Since 1998, Ikea U.S., in partnership with American Forests, has been dedicated to improving the lives of many people through its national in-store “Plant A Tree” program, a campaign that asks customers to donate $1 to plant one tree. These contributions, together with money donated by Ikea, have resulted in the raising of over $2.4 million to plant 2.4 million trees across America. For example, the Plant A Tree program recently planted 74,000 trees in the McNally Fire restoration in California; 15,000 trees in Arizona for the Warm Fire Restoration project; and over 100,000 trees in the Lower Rio Grande in Texas.

"Both IKEA and American Forests care about the planet and care about kids," said Scott Steen, American Forests president and CEO. "This project combines these two priorities, teaching young people in a fun way about the wonders of trees and forests. We really couldn't ask for a better partner to help us get the word out."

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