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Foot Locker finds digital fit with new shoe app


Foot Locker introduced its first smartphone mobile app and a new series of “Shoemoji” emoticons that enable a new type of communication among smartphone users.

Foot Locker’s new app for iOS and Android features 80 different Shoemoji sneaker replica emoticons. That may not mean much to anyone over the age of 30, but among Foot Locker’s core customers the Shoemoji’s create a new way for sneaker aficionados to talk about and share their favorite passion. Just as smartphone users communicate with each other using various emojis, customers can now share their love of sneakers in a new, visual way and be the first to show off some of their favorite styles with new Shoemojis, according to the company.

"We know how important phones are in our customers' lives and we always want to offer them a premium experience with Foot Locker wherever they may be. We believe that the Foot Locker App, along with the introduction of Shoemoji, is another great way for us to provide that experience,” said Stacy Cunningham, executive vice president of marketing for Foot Locker.

Specifically designed to enhance consumers' digital experience with the Foot Locker brand, the App purports to make sneaker fans' lives easier by allowing them to seamlessly browse new sneakers that will be released, which of Foot Locker’s 3,500 locations will carry the shoes, and when they are available for purchase, all within the convenience of a single application.

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