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Fixture Solution Combines Maximum Space with Versatility


When it comes to display merchandise solutions, most retailers are looking for more space and versatility. Uniweb has dedicated itself to providing both since making its debut in 1970. Company president Cindy Davidson discussed general trends in fixturing and what sets Uniweb, which prides itself as a made-in-America manufacturer, apart from the competition.

What trends are you seeing in merchandising methods in the general retail space, and, more specifically, in the drug store/pharmacy arena?

While not altogether a new idea, we have noticed that within general retail environments, the “store within a store” concept is becoming more intricate and inspiring, with stand-out color tones and flooring designed to attract the customer’s eye and entice customer spending. But while some “store within a store” presentations are effective, others fall short of the mark. Successful merchants research and cater to their customers’ aesthetic desires in the overall product presentation.

Secondly, drug store merchandisers seem to be reclaiming control of product presentation (e.g., the cosmetics department). We think this is a positive development as retailers are generally more in tune with the customer base than the product manufacturers, especially in the diversity of regions in the country.

What are retailers’ biggest needs/requirements when it comes to merchandising display systems?

Retailers are looking for display systems that elevate today’s shopping environments, and also provide flexibility in adapting to a vast range of display possibilities and trends. A standard endcap display, for example, now can be illuminated with LED lighting and “boutiqued” for unlimited merchandising sets, without replacing the fixture. Similarly, enhancing current gondola runs with uniquely and efficiently crafted panels will accentuate products and attract customers’ attention, therefore increasing sales.

How is Uniweb positioned in the marketplace, and how does it differentiate itself from other fixture manufacturers?

Uniweb provides build-to-suit custom products. We don’t compete with standard gondola manufacturers; we complement and accentuate them. Many times, retailers already have the base gondola run and are understandably reluctant to start from scratch. We get it! We sell our retrofit systems where we can provide a significant return on investment in product sales. This includes cosmetic units, seasonal displays, endcaps, high-density peg sets and areas that require substantial support for weight loads.

The Uniweb horizontal channel allows merchandisers the freedom to display products in such a way as to utilize all display space. The retailer can merchandise product straight across the seams. Our product is designed for transparency, never detracting from the product display, which allows it to highlight the merchandise, and not put the spotlight on the fixture.

In addition to our core retail fixtures, we have the manufacturing capabilities to create unique products in runs from one piece up to tens of thousands of pieces, and we also have a full millwork facility in house.

Can Uniweb tailor a system to meet a retailer’s exact needs?

We thrive on design, taking on display challenges, solving problems and finding the optimal way to fulfill the customers’ objectives. So, the answer is absolutely, we can meet the retailer’s specific needs.

What is the scope of services?

We have a highly experienced and traveled sales team, creative design and engineering group and professional production team, along with a state-of-the-industry production facility that is capable of working with metal and wood. We offer installation services as well as shipment consolidation.

How has Uniweb reacted to environmental concerns?

Manufacturing in the State of California has necessitated our progressive attitude toward sustainability and green initiatives. We’ve enacted a minimum of 30 different initiatives working with our local municipalities, and water and energy providers to stay ahead of the curve regarding these processes. Cal-OSHA has presented Uniweb with its Golden Gate award for safety.

We pride ourselves on being environmentally responsible. Our powder-coating process emits no VOCs, our manufacturing process creates no hazardous waste, and our panels contain up to 30% recycled steel and are recyclable. Plus, our products are portable. They can move with you.

Has technology impacted the way display systems are manufactured?

Most definitely! The more we automate and integrate lasers into our manufacturing process, the more intricate and imaginative we can be with designs, while increasing capabilities and speeding up our product-to-customer delivery times. We recently added another laser to our process along with a state-of-the-industry material-handling tower that auto-loads the lasers. This allows us to run “lights out” — or 24/7.

If you could give retailers one piece of advice when they are evaluating fixture systems, what would it be?

Look for long-term benefits and reliability, both in your fixtures as well as the company that manufactures those displays.

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