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Finish Line selects Maxymiser’s conversion rate optimization solutions


New York City -- Finish Line has chosen Maxymiser, a global expert in conversion rate optimization solutions, to perform website testing and segmentation for Maxymiser will help Finish Line successfully implement website optimization to improve the online customer experience and achieve business goals.

Maxymiser will be leading Finish Line through various conversion management campaigns using MaxTEST and MaxSEGMENT solutions. The chain also benefits from Maxymiser's OneTouch integration platform, which allows Finish Line to launch testing and segmentation campaigns continuously, without the need for any lengthy coding or change control processes. For Finish Line, this means a low total cost of ownership and a reduced time to market.

"We chose Maxymiser for their expertise and proven results in online optimization, specifically within retail," said Roger Underwood, senior VP, e-commerce operations and technology. "Simply put, Maxymiser has made it easy for Finish Line to quickly adapt our site to consumer preferences and seasonality, which are essential for success in retail."

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