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Feedzai develops fraud apps for Shopify, Big Commerce platforms


San Mateo, Calif. - Feedzai, a data science company that uses real-time, machine-based learning to analyze Big Data to prevent fraud, has developed e-commerce apps for the Shopify and Big Commerce platforms. The Feedzai apps on Shopify and Big Commerce provide online retailers with real-time information to determine the legitimacy of an order.

Users of the app see transactions flagged for suspected fraud. Retailers can then dive deeper to see a list of reasons to block or allow the transaction, allowing them to decide which transactions to accept or decline. Retailers have access to the same bank-grade risk engine used by payment networks and financial institutions.

The new Feedzai apps feature behavioral analysis, IP geo-location, device ID recognition, and disposable emails, among other criteria, to determine the risk associated with each sales order. A simple user interface scores each order in real-time and provides a list of human-friendly reasons to block or allow a transaction, helping retailers to decide to accept or reject an order.

In addition, street-level maps show the location of the IP address from which the transaction was created, which is cross-checked with the shipping address. Email reports detail the transaction summary for a set time period (day, week, etc.). Users can get up and running by installing the Feedzai app.

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