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Faster growth required to advance on Fortune’s list


Although revenues at Target last year increased 3.1% to nearly $67.4 billion, other big companies grew faster, and Target slipped three spots to 33rd from 30th in Fortune’s annual ranking of America’s 500 largest companies.

Ranked one spot ahead of Target at 32 was Walgreen with revenues of slightly more than $67.4 billion, while Home Depot came in at 30th with revenues of nearly $68 billion. Walmart topped the list by a wide margin with revenues of $421.8 billion followed by other retailers including: CVS Caremark, 21st with revenues of $96.4 billion, Kroger, 25th with revenues of $82.2 billion and Costco, 28th with revenues of $77.9 billion. Following Target on the list and rounding out the top 50 Fortune 500 companies were 47th ranked Best Buy with revenues of $49.7 billion and 50th ranked Lowe’s with revenue of $48.8 billion.

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