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The Evolution of the POS


The POS is the core of the in-store customer experience. Nomatter how good a job a retailer does of providing products shoppers want, when and where they want them and at a reasonable cost, if customers cannot easily pay for their goods and leave the store, they will exit without making a purchase. With all the focus on digital “cart abandonment,” it’s easy for retailers to lose sight of the facts that the store represents the bulk of their profits, and the issue of abandoned shopping carts originated in the brick-and-mortar world.

New hardware and software solutions, technology advancements, the rise of the always-connected mobile consumer, and security concerns all present both a challenge and an opportunity for retailers looking to offer a modern, convenient checkout experience that produces sales rather than loses them. In this special section,Chain Store Agelooks at how retailers, thought leaders and vendors are approaching the rapidly evolving POS environment.

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