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In era of app overload Shopfeed eyes simplicity


A new app from Shopfeed is designed to streamline the product discovery process in a world where new products are said to be mentioned 400 million times a day online.

Shopfeed launched its new app to offer the most updated trends from magazines, blogs, and celebrities, all in one place by creating lists from the best of the Web in areas such as style, home, technology and entertainment.

Those who download the app use it to follow their favorite categories and tastemakers. Every time they post or publish anywhere online, Shopfeed pulls the products they mention directly into a feed. The result is an ever-bubbling stream of shoppable posts from favorite places across the web.

"There are about 400 million new product mentions a day online," said Shopfeed CEO Antonia Thorber. "400 million. That's a lot of ‘stuff.’ We're about boiling that down to the products each user actually wants to see – the things their favorite people and blogs are talking about.”

Over the next few months, the app will release additional features such as gifting, wishlists, and 1-click buy.

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