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Engaging employees with gamification at Walmart


BOSTON — Walmart has partnered with Inward Strategic Consulting to design an innovative way to engage with staff and foster what the company hopes is a fun yet productive work environment that enhances customer experience.

Walmart plans to introduce gamification to increase employee engagement and plans to discuss that process and the lessons it has learned at the Conference Board, Extending Your Brand to Employees, on May 16-17, in Chicago. Gamification is a form of learning and engagement that uses games to tap into people's natural desire for competition, achievement, status and rewards. Presenting will be Kurt Templeton, director of workforce planning at Walmart, along with Whitney Cook, consultant and account manager at Inward Strategic Consulting.

"This is the third year Inward has been a sponsor of this conference, and we are thrilled to use this opportunity to promote employee engagement as a means to improve customer experiences," said Allan Steinmetz, CEO and founder of Inward Strategic Consulting.

"By using innovative strategies like gamification, major brands can engage, educate and interact with their employees on new and exciting levels," added Cook.

Inward Strategic Consulting is a leading brand engagement consulting firm that specializes in vision, mission and values, team alignment, internal branding, change communications, external branding and communications planning with offices in Boston, Bentonville, Chicago, San Francisco and Orlando.

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