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The end is near, better join Sam’s Club


Those who believe the world is on the brink of collapse may want to head over to Sam’s where the retailer is offering a one-year emergency food supply kit for $949. The manufacturer, Augason Farms, notes in the product description that large numbers of Americans all over the country are becoming more aware of their need of emergency food storage. The pitch continues, “storing food for your family is one of the most prudent actions you will ever take to protect your loved ones. Many natural and man-made events can cause interruptions in the food supply chain: be prepared!”

Included in the $949 kit are 5,300 servings, which is enough to sustain one person for a year, two people for six months or four people for three months. The products in the kit are specially packaged to extend their shelf life; some dehydrated foods will last for 15 years and grains and rice are good for 30.

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