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ECRM tells retailers what’s working


Making sense of promotional activity can be challenging given the abundance of new variables to consider which is why a recent change from Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) is much needed.

ECRM, a leader in business innovation and technology, enhanced its data and analytics website at with new functionality, increased retail coverage and ease of use.

“ECRM Data’s redesign provides a more insightful, intuitive and user-friendly site without sacrificing powerful report functionality,” said Kurt Repola, chief architect at ECRM. “We took a clean and strategic approach to create a resource that can be utilized across multiple job functions within an organization so that everyone can understand why some promotions are successful and others are not.”

ECRM Data captures promotional information from the top 500 U.S. and Canadian retailers across 15 retail channels and all product categories. The goal of the data accumulation effort is to provide actionable insights and analytics capabilities from what ECRM contends is the most comprehensive promotional data set available.

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