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ECRM: Retail circular advertising trends, September 2014


ECRM compared retail circular advertising in September 2013 versus September 2014 and noted trends occurring across top retail chains. In the aftermath of back-to-school season, Walmart and Staples appear to be trying to clear out all remaining school and office supplies. Staples accomplished this by improving its previous offer of $5 off with purchase of $30 to $10 off and also cut backpack prices by 50%. Walmart shifted the focus from school to office, with a “Run Your Business for Less” promotion. Walmart also appeared to have a health-focused message, with an exercise equipment circular and multiple nutrition-focused circulars.

In September, Home Depot and Lowe’s both emphasized the changing of the seasons, although they approached it differently. Home Depot released a single short six-page circular largely focused on interior paint and appliance upgrades. Lowe’s, on the other hand, released five circulars focused on outdoor equipment such as leaf blowers, as well as materials for windows, siding, and roofing. Lowe’s released more than seven times as many pages in September 2014 than Home Depot did, with significantly more space devoted to each item.

About ECRM’s Business Intelligence:

ECRM’s Ad Comparisons technology captures promotional data from the top U.S. and Canadian retailers in all major markets. Ad Comparisons captures more than 40 metrics for each ad block and provides hundreds of analytic reports to put the advertising data in context. Ad Comparisons takes an individual approach to ensure all data and reports fit the needs of each user.

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