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Ecolite Announces New Hybrid Wall System


Los Angeles - Ecolite Concrete USA, announced a new building system of robust, lightweight pre-cast concrete walls. The innovative fabrication process produces ready-to-erect load-bearing walls with integral steel framing and cellular concrete cladding. Ecolite walls are stronger and lighter than other wall systems. The walls are also suitable for sustainable construction because they contain up to 50% recycled content.

The Ecolite plant in Barstow, Calif., is supplying walls and decks for a training complex comprised of 55 buildings for the U.S. Army National Training Center in Fort Irwin, Calif.

The facility is being completed six months ahead of schedule. The Ecolite walls can weigh as little as 12 psf, are fire resistant, non-combustible and provide excellent soundproofing. Crews of four men are able to erect complete buildings in a single shift using a small forklift. The facility will serve as a model for other structures such as hospitals and schools.

Additional factories are being built in other regions of the country with plans for continued expansion.

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