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eBay unveils suite of commerce technologies


eBay Enterprise, a leading global provider of commerce technologies, omnichannel operations and marketing solutions for retailers and brands, introduced its latest suite of commerce technologies at its annual client summit.

"Retailers and brands understand the importance of having industry-leading capabilities across their entire value chain to support a new retail environment where consumers demand consistent, seamless and personalized experiences anywhere, at any time,” said Chris Saridakis, president of eBay Enterprise. “We’ve been singularly focused on being a strategic growth partner to our clients, and our new suite of modular commerce technologies will give our clients a competitive edge in this rapidly changing retail landscape.”

eBay Enterprise’s new suite of commerce technologies is made up of two modular components: the exchange platform and the interfaces and tools module.

The exchange platform is a set of omnichannel enabling capabilities, services and infrastructure including:

Distributed order management

Omnichannel inventory management

Payment processing

Fraud management

Advanced reporting

The exchange platform is pre-integrated with eBay Enterprise’s portfolio of marketing solutions and omnichannel operations as well as the eBay Inc. technology portfolio, including Magento, eBay Marketplaces and PayPal. Rapid connections to the broader commerce ecosystem of third party “front-ends,” demand generation or supply chain providers can be achieved through the platform’s flexible integration framework.

The interfaces and tools module empowers retailers and brands to build, manage and optimize engaging consumer storefront experiences across all retail interfaces spanning devices, locations, users, geographies and brands. The key enabler is the integrated business user toolset that puts a powerful set of capabilities in the hands of marketers, merchandisers and managers, greatly reducing the traditional dependencies on Web developers.

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