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eBay expands Valet selling service


San Jose, Calif. – The eBay Valet professional selling service will now accept high-end clothing in addition to shoes, handbags, electronics and other popular household items. eBay Valet provides features such as price estimates for potential buyers, taking professional pictures, and shipping.

eBay partnered with fashion blogger Garance Doré to officially debut the expansion of eBay Valet. Dore provided tips and tricks on what to sell and how to sell fashion items.

To sell through eBay Valet, sellers follow three steps: Visit and request a free, prepaid shipping label, place the items in any box, and then using the free prepaid shipping label, send the box to a valet.

Once the items have been sent to a valet, customers will receive regular updates via email, during the next three to four weeks, when their items are received, listed and sold. Customers then receive up to 80% of what their items sell for, deposited into their PayPal account. Any unsold items are returned to the customer for free.

Valets are screened for inclusion in the program and must demonstrate the ability to consistently deliver the highest standards of buyer experience to eBay shoppers.

“Fashion is one of the top categories on eBay globally; in fact, a dress sells every second and a pair of shoes sells every two seconds,” said Marcelle Parrish, head of fashion at eBay Marketplaces. “The expansion of eBay Valet in the fashion category delivers access to experts who will showcase clothing in the best possible light, in front of one of the largest online shopping audiences.”

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