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eBay Enterprise gets ‘Nice’ with customer engagement


King of Prussia, Pa. – eBay Enterprise has helped its clients reduce average handle time and save money by using the NICE Interaction Analytics solution. eBay Enterprise processes roughly 17 million contacts per year on behalf of its retailers, across a full range of channels including phone, chat, email and social media. Its key focus is on lowering average handle time (AHT), delivering consistent, high quality service, and enhancing the consumer experience. By implementing the NICE solution, eBay Enterprise has succeeded in redesigning process call flows for efficiency and creating a 17% average AHT reduction.

The company created an Intelligent Commerce Care model based on the analysis of multiple contact types. It utilized NICE to gain insight into cost per contact, analyze volume patterns and trends, evaluate agent performance based on contact type AHT, and correlate AHT, dissatisfaction and repeat calls to identify areas that required attention.

eBay Enterprise was also able to gain insight into how new hires performed against tenured agents to improve its onboarding and training processes. By using analytics categories to focus on high periods of silence, the company could identify the reason for the silence and recognize where certain agents needed additional support.

"Retail is competitive, with expanding consumer expectations, and we are focused on providing our clients with valuable insights into consumer interactions to help them improve the overall consumer experience, increase satisfaction and ultimately drive revenue,” said Robin Gomez, director of operational excellence, eBay Enterprise. “In the last year we have helped our clients significantly improve their bottom line by improving day-to-day operations and agent performance."

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