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eBay brings better offers to the surface


Online retail platform eBay wants to ensure consumers can quickly find the most relevant items at the best prices.

eBay is unveiling several types of new browsing modules and approaches to surfacing goods that go beyond traditional keyword search results. The new modules take advantage of structured data that is now foundational on the eBay platform.

A proprietary algorithm helps eBay deliver targeted listings in real time and present them in easily navigated ways, without requiring keyword searches. For example, if a user is interested in a specific brand digital camera, an algorithm that leverages eBay’s structured data can instantly identify listings on these cameras where the listed price is lower than trending prices. This is how eBay’s new ‘Save on’ module is populated with the best-priced listings.

“Our new browsing modules provide users with extra levels of guidance and more flexibility in surfacing the most relevant items for them,” said Dominique Bouchon, eBay’s director of search front-end product management. “For example, the modules expose ‘shop by brand’ options, great savings, and best-selling products, all by leveraging our structured data. Structured data is the key to unlocking this new experience, as it allows our platform to reveal patterns in buying and selling.”

According to eBay, the new browsing modules and pages support its “spectrum of value,” which refers to offering shoppers a range of products to choose from, based on whatever metrics they want to use.

Devin Wenig, CEO of eBay, recently outlined a turnaround plan centered on the company operating more like a retailer selling fixed-price items and less like its traditional online auction platform model. Offering consumers more structured searches that eliminate the need to sort through hundreds of listings is a big step in this direction.

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