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eBags unpacks digital innovation


Specialty online luggage retailer eBags is on a mission to offer customers the most advanced and immersive experience possible.

Founded in 1998, eBags was an early e-commerce adopter of techniques such as drop-shipping, or the direct shipment of products to customers from third parties to avoid the need for holding inventory. eBags also developed a customer review platform before many other e-commerce retailers.

More recently, eBags opened an innovation lab to help develop unique digital tools that will improve the shopping experience. The retailer is also actively upgrading its mobile experience. EBags plans to soon give customers tools to swipe left or right to like and dislike bags or upload photos of bags they like and find look-alike products on the website.

"Companies that do not have a mobile strategy in content, marketing and technology soon will not matter," said Mike Edwards, CEO of eBags. "Today for, 45% of our traffic is from some form of a mobile device, and it is having a profound impact on how we structure and align our resources to be competitive. In the mobile arena, speed, agility, innovation and testing have to happen every 24 hours to stay relevant in the global marketplace."

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