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Easy-Up Next Generation Hanging System From Rose Displays


Salem, Mass. – Rose Displays, Ltd., a provider of signware to retailers worldwide, has introduced the EasyUp Next Generation magnetic hanging system. It features high-power neodymium magnets that hold suspended graphics firmly in place and allows, for the first time, use of both aluminum and plastic holders with a Rose Displays magnetic hanging system.

EasyUp Next Generation gets its strength from high power, rare-earth neodymium magnets used in its construction. The most powerful permanent magnets known, they offer superior strength in a small package. Not only can they hold loads that no strip magnet can, they are also small enough to fit even onto a mini grid.

In addition to offering superior holding power, these magnets make EasyUp Next Generation exceptionally easy to use, with no ladder required for installation. The system aligns easily with grids, and the magnets affix to the ceiling by virtually “snapping” onto the grid. The magnets, which are round and not in strips, are placed 24 in. on center to allow for flexibility in placement, including angles and across ceiling tiles.

EasyUp Next Generation works with mini-grid and recessed grid configurations and are available in any length between 25 in. to 48 in.

Rose Displays has also introduced new poles with a specially designed head to install the EasyUp Next Generation system. Easy and intuitive to use, the poles come in 12-ft. single pieces or 15-ft. telescoping versions to accommodate different ceiling heights.

For additional information about EasyUp Next Generation and other Rose Displays products, or to request the 2007 IdeaBook, call 1-800-631-9707 or visit the Web site at

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