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This e-retailer has digital innovation in the bag


Ebags is quickening the pace of its digital innovation by teaming up with Iterate Studio to create two new tech research labs.

Recognized by retailers as an early pioneer of drop-ship (1999), customer product reviews (1999), and A/B split testing (2000), eBags' goal is to pioneer game-changing services by embracing the new digital frontier which includes mobile services and the Internet of Things (IoT).

"eBags' Innovation Lab consists of two elements," said Mike Edwards, eBags' new CEO, who was most recently Staples' EVP of Global Merchandising. "The first is a Rapid Test Center designed to improve the velocity and number of experiments conducted on eBags' websites each month. This workflow will speed up our absorption of unique digital tools that are proven to improve shopping for the 36 million people that visit our sites each year. The second is a Digital R&D Lab that will deliver IoT and business model enhancements for eBags."

Both labs will leverage Iterate Studio and Iterate's team uncovers, curates and validates emerging digital technologies from around the world.

"Iterate Studio searches for technologies that can be applied immediately to enhance digital journeys – for shoppers and employees," said Brian Sathianathan, Iterate's Chief Digital Officer, an early new product leader involved in launching Apple's first iPhone. "As the digital leader in the bags and accessories market, eBags is proactively evaluating every digital touch point along the customer journey -- between transactions -- looking for unique IoT and mobile technologies born in places like MIT, Paris, and Silicon Valley. Our goal is to help eBags maintain its leadership position."

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