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E-commerce spending to top $300 billion in 2015


New York -- E-commerce in the United States in 2015 will top the $300 billion mark for the first-time ever, according to Forrester Research’s principal analyst Sucharita Mulpuru.

“This is big news,” Mulpuru said during a presentation at the National Retail Federation’s annual “Big Show” conference.

Mulpuru noted that e-commerce spending for holiday 2014 (November and December) totaled approximately $90 billion, which equaled roughly one-third of the entire online retail bucket for the year. Cyber Monday, in particular was a blockbuster, with the single day generating $2 billion in sales.

“But it still pales next to China’s Singles Day, which generated $11 billion in sales, with $9 billion going through Alibaba alone,” Mulpuru added.

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