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Duane Reade pilots weather-based promotions


New York -- Duane Reade and Poncho, a personalized weather-forecasting service that sends users relevant weather updates tailored to their preferences via text or email, are teaming up in a pilot program targeted to the New York Metropolitan area consumer. Poncho users will receive their regular weather updates with select alerts featuring coupons for Duane Reade products that will help them battle the elements and their allergies.

Poncho's tailored weather alerts include messages for sufferers of seasonal allergies with special notifications on days when the pollen count is particularly high. On these days, Poncho users will receive exclusive discounts that can be used for specified allergy relief products available in Duane Reade stores.

"At Duane Reade, we constantly strive to offer our customers what they need now, with one-stop-shop convenience and localized relevance to their everyday lives," said Calvin Peters, PR & digital communications manager for Duane Reade. "Weather is a perfect example of something that impacts people's daily decisions, which is why collaborating with a personalized tool like Poncho affords us another way to provide our customers with products and services that are intrinsic to their individual lifestyle."

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