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DSW shines light on shoe shoppers


American’s feelings and some strange connections to footwear are revealed in a new market research DSW shared recently. The October survey of 1,000 adults representing the U.S. general population, explored topics such as what motivates consumers to purchase shoes, how much consumers prefer to spend on shoes, consumers' emotional attachment to shoes, and what types of shoes Americans favor overall. The survey was conducted in celebration of National Shoe Lover Day on Saturday, October 25.

"In celebration of National Shoe Lover Day on October 25, we asked American consumers how they buy and wear their shoes, since we believe shoes are a direct reflection of our individual personalities," said Kelly Cook, chief marketing officer, DSW Inc. "At DSW, we also understand that it's not just about 'if the shoes fit'; it's about the power of shoes. The results of our latest survey prove that Americans believe their shoes make them feel great—and when they are affordable, it adds to that excitement."

Highlights from the survey results are as follows:

Style For Less:57% of Americans say they have never spent more than$100on a pair of shoes. Broken down by gender, half of American men say they haven't crossed the$100mark (yet, 63% of women have).

The Lady Likes A Bargain:A quarter of all American women say they prefer to spend$50or less when hunting for a new pair of shoes.

Confident and On Trend:Approximately 50% of Americans say they prefer to purchase shoes that make them feel confident and are fashionable.

A Shoe-In:On a related note, 42% surveyed have deliberately chosen to wear their favorite pair of shoes to a job interview.

Taller Schmaller:Only 8% of Americans purchase shoes to boost their height.

Love At First Step:Approximately 1 in 3 Americans say they have met a significant other while wearing their favorite pair of shoes.

Memories, Memories:Nearly a quarter of Americans have kept a pair of shoes for sentimental reasons; examples include a first pair of baby shoes, shoes they were married in, high-school football shoes to relive their glory days and shoes that stay strictly in the bedroom.

Hey, Big Spender:Only 2% of American men report they have purchased a pair of shoes for more than$1,000, twice the number of women (1%) who have plunked down more than$1,000for footwear.

Just The Two Of Us:If forced to wear one pair of shoes for the rest of their life, 54% of Americans say they would choose to wear flip flops or running shoes, while a quarter would pick comfortable boots.

Happy Feet:When purchasing a pair of shoes, 80% of Americans say they choose comfort above all else—specifically 83% of men and 78% of women.

As an added bonus, DSW is giving 1 in every 25 Shoe Lovers nationwide the chance to win free shoes. Customers who make a purchase in stores or online onOctober 25will receive a peel-off card with a chance to win free shoes. Shoe Lovers are also encouraged to snap pictures of their party shoes on social media with the hashtags #ShoeLoverSelfie #Ad that day to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for another chance to win free shoes.

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