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Dominos turns quality focus on store network


Domino’s Pizza is not satisfied with just improving the quality of its pizza.

A few years after a successful marketing campaign where it focused on making a better pizza, Domino’s is now focusing on making a better store network.

Domino’s, is partnering with payment security and redundancy technology provider EchoSat to provide secure communications redundancy for electronic payments data and business systems to its corporate and franchise stores. The retailer will employ a wide range of EchoSat wireless solutions to provide critical failover for its retail footprint across North America.

Domino’s hopes adding this additional level of redundancy to the retail network will allow it to continue to focus on digital channels, which drove 50% of U.S. sales at the end of 2014.

“Domino’s is excited to make available EchoSat PaySafe cellular backup service in our Domino’s stores as it will help ensure greater uptime and reliability for our franchisees and customers, especially during peak busy hours,” said Michael Davis VP of global store technology for Domino’s. “We’re expecting this program to be beneficial to our goal of fast and excellent customer service.”

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